Sunday, August 17, 2008

War Magick


CEPC, yoga and meditation

Meditated with my boy for a while this morning. He sat in front of me for a bit holding my hands while I vibrated OM. Then he crawled into my lap and I wrapped my arms around him and formed a circle with my hands, so as not to close any gates while he was in my lap. Children are open and their chi is perfect. To close around him felt wrong.

Open handed war magick.

I am beginning legal proceedings against powerhouse power sports for selling us a defective scooter and not honoring the warrantee. To jump-start it I took advantage of an opportunity.

Frater Idgaf was going to be doing some nasty work up in their old house and asked if anyone had anything to throw in. So I jumped on the offer and created a sigil. I gave the sigil to Frater Idgaf and tore the scrap words into tiny pieces. There was enough to form a small ball in the palm of my hand. I took the papers and held them in my right hand and clenched my fist hard. I held my fist tight until we passed by the place on our way home, at which time I cast the paper and chi at the building. Before I cast the paper I gathered gnosis from many sources. I surged on the planet Mercury, I surged on the werewolf, I surged on the rage and pushed all of this into my hand. My fist was clenched for well over 30 minutes, probably close to an hour. Before I cast this, my hand began to throb with pain and cramps. But I held fast using this as gnosis. Further, the paper began to feel as if it were a heart in my hand, beating. The beating of my own heart transferred from me to the paper in my hand. I felt an immediate release of the tension and anger that I had been holding since the incident.

I have no idea what Idgaf did with the sigil, but I am sure it was good. I will get a report from him later.

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Ataraxium said...

That sounds like some great work sir. I have definitely been sending some energy your way.

Keep me posted as to the results.