Friday, August 22, 2008

In response to Beenja and Halcyon

"Don't forget to wash behind your ears" ---baby jesus

A few things; I think we forget that paradigms are man-made. It is the stuff within which the paradigm manifests that is the ether or shadow-time or whatever you want to call it.

There is no one path to get to. There is no truth, or ultimate reality. There is only this fractal picture on multiple dimensions. We just happen to create our art with the medium of belief and mythology.

So what is chaos magick? We like to think of chaos magick as a TOE. We like to think we have stumbled upon the ultimate answer, that there are no answers (read there are infinite answers). Have we? Fuck yeah we have. Chaos magick, or more accurately CMT, is not a magick proper, it is a theory of how magick works, the best ways to use magick, and then a few tests and measures of our ability. It really is not all that new a concept, except in name. Let me say that one again. CMT is not a magickal paradigm it is a metatheory in that it concerns the development and use (magickal theory) of many (all) paradigms. It cannot be a paradigm proper in and of itself. I should not say that. As it can and has been used as a paradigm, however I do not think this was its original intent. But that does not matter. What happens when you use chaos magick as a paradigm is that it simply is sucked up in the funnel of the metatheory. So now chaos magick is only one more paradigm that is dealt with by CMT.

What makes a chaos magickian?; the use of paradigms as tools rather than dogmatic beliefs, the ability to use any paradigm to achieve ones Will. Chaos magickians are practical anthropologists. We are mythological relativists. Chaos magick is like finding the squeaker in a squeaky toy. When we do this we realize not only how the toy squeaked but suddenly realize that we can put that squeaker in any toy we want and get the same result!

Frater ChimPanZ wrote on the matter in Liber Crux…

Chaos Majik does not exist;
there is no boundary, there is no circumference.
Containing nothing and binding nothing,
the sphere that extends beyond infinite probability contains all existing
and non-existing realms.
The chaos majician stands in the center of a single universe called Will.
The chaos majician chooses to extend these rays into the void to create Is from Naught. The chaos majician is Nothing.
Nothing is the circumference of All.
All is Willed being.
The Chaos majician is Being.

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HalCyon said...

So in that, CMT is a discipline useing multiple paradigms or any paradigm towards an individuals intent.
The foresight to use certain elements or dynamics about a paradigm in practical application.
Or even the mergeing of certain aspects about paradigms towards the magi's goal.
Like an artist having the option to use the complete color spectrum and not limiting oneself to just certain colors.