Saturday, August 16, 2008

ejaculation rules!


Orthodox Sublimation

Spent about 45 minutes this morning. I think I may be able to get a whole hour. The plan was that my wife and I would begin coordinating better so that I could get my morning meds in and she could get her exercise. She didn’t leave the house until a bit after seven. I think if I just get up a bit earlier I can pull an hour.

I think I know what the old text really meant now. I concentrated hard for the first ¾ of my sublimation meditation. But I didn’t need to. There came a point during when the generative force, the vital breath, ignited. I know, the names should have given it away. But knowing something and experiencing it are two different animals. It became as though I were blowing yang fire from my stove and that yin fire was a type of back draft. Once this began I was able to stop concentrating and let my mind go. The fires continued to burn without my assistance and they continued on the correct paths without my assistance. Now I should say for novice readers that this is not an excuse to just not worry about it. It is important with any practice of this nature that you concentrate with all of your mind/soul, single pointed focus. Only when the focus becomes automated can it be left to its own.

Another issue that needs attention in my Taoist yoga practices is that of ejaculate and conservation of the generative fluids. I think that I have mentioned previously that I have had prostate issues in the past and lack of ejaculation generally causes discomfort for me. Besides any of this I don’t find sexual suppression or repression to be all that helpful a practice. Understanding the vital force that resides in the ejaculate, perhaps it is not as important to not ever ejaculate, as it is to use the vital force before discharging the fluid. Much in the way we digest food before taking a piss or shit. So in sublimation we are taking the vital force from the fluid by pulling it into the stove and “digesting” it. This can then be used for whatever the magickian Wills.

Knowing this the xaotaoist magickian must be careful when and how he ejaculates. Never ejaculate before ritual. As a general rule do not ejaculate within 24 hours of ritual and 3-4 hours before meditation. In fact this sounds similar to many instructions concerning eating before meditation and fasting before ritual. It is very much the same if we continue the digestion metaphor. Save that eating before meditation takes chi for the digestion process and ejaculation just takes chi. However if we use this chi in a mass effort like ritual or deep meditation then we can eliminate the waste product of the body with little ill effect.

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The Narcichondriac said...

I like the idea you constructed there. I've always wondered if linking physical and magickal can yield better results, staying away still from dogma - no different, i guess than adopting a working paradigm.

I want to work with this fasting / climax notion in my own meds and rituals!