Friday, August 29, 2008

results from Invocation of the immortal self

Ritual. Temple M.F. 79.

Began with the Invocation of the Immortal Self.

1. Pluto: void nothing, a state of no mind.

2. Neptune: whales, singing, swimming dancing whales

3. Uranus: over inflated ego, sightless action THE FOOL from the Thoth tarot! Eaten by a tiger. Except unlike the fool Uranus experiences the terror, the tiger leaps from the sun

4. Saturn: Earth, decomposition, sand, ashes, cold and damp.

5. Jupiter: Overconfidence, power drunk, temporary control of others, this never lasts of course, and is the planet of fallen leaders, but fallen leaders at their height. Ahh, but what a feeling.

6. Mars: of course this is the battle, but of a controlled method. This is not the planet of the berserker. This is talent and skill at the art of war, Sun Tzu. This is the beauty of war.

7. Earth: This is the dance, the heartbeat, drumming, stomping on the ground. Here is atlas carrying his load and Gaia carrying hers. This is also the release of these loved burdens, the world and the individual child, mortality of the masses vs. the mortality of your child. Earth is where we learn to lose that which we love. Earth is intimately involved with Saturn in this respect. Cosmologicly one could consider that the surface of the earth is the sphere of earth and that underfoot, cradled by the dirt of Gaia’s womb is Saturn. This is the 135°.

8. Venus is where you choose. Venus catches these falling dead babies and breaths life back into them through her bosom of life. Venus is the reflection of self. Venus reflects back to us what we are, like it or not. Not what we want to be, want to see, think we are. Venus is the antithesis of image management. Venus can kill the self through the self. Venus can also give us the power to love. This is the unconditional love of the gods. To love the self in all its ugliness is to love the all. What we see in the world that we hate, those things we loathe, these are reflections of ourselves. My fear of my grandmother’s dementia is fear of my own dementia. My fear of my mother’s death is fear of my own death. My hatred of injustice is the hatred of the injustices within myself. The immortal sees no reflection or sees the reflection of the ten thousand things when within the sphere of Venus.

9. Mercury: This is the yoga of art, reading, writing and study. Finding the self through understanding of all those things that make up the self. The more we discover the more we know what we are, the more we can accept our immortality. Paradigm shifting is an aspect of this. The student of magick, nay the student of existence, will do well to take this sphere seriously. We are born through our producing. We are born into our immortality via our generative force. If this force is but a puddle of effluvia on the floor then we are wasted. If this is the case, place a canvas on the floor to collect your workings!

10. Sun: From where all things are clear. One is simultaneously all these things and independent from them. What does one say about this state. Nothing.

The ritual conclusion left me exhausted and wet with sweet but feeling very clean, purified and healthy, even through this horrid cold, sinus infection, whatever the fuck illness that is still plaguing me.

In Frater Beenja’s ritual I participated as a drummer, circle guard and for a few fleeting moments here and there, the ghede. Nothing in the world like a good cigar, the smell of rum, bare feet and a dirt floor! When the ghede took me he took me and I was filled with the giddiest joy I have felt in a long time. Laughter filled my senses.

Beenja tried to take back the talisman at the end of the ritual. But there was a funny look in his eye, so I refused, and the look instantly left. Strange. But it is in a safe place. No worries, I will not be tricked by lingering spirits. I been roun de clock once oh twice mun!

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