Saturday, August 2, 2008

blue bird

Clearing the Eight Psychic Channels (CEPC)

I am leaning this technique so it took me a bit to get the vital breath cycling properly. I cycled 5 total times this morning. I know this is not much and my meditation only lasted 8 minutes. I am not so concerned at this point with duration of the morning meditation. Morning time is pretty busy with a 7 month old so I feel lucky I got that! I don’t feel shorted at all though, the energy moved strongly, I feel revitalized and more awake than usual. I am thinking that this meditation may be performed better standing in an opening tai chi position. I may try this later today or in the morning.

I am fasting today. I feel the need to clean my stomach and intestines a bit after my trip to Biloxi. My wife’s grandmother loves the casinos so we had to eat at the casino buffet. I was careful with my selections, very careful, however it is still casino buffet food, no matter how clean it looked. So the fast will consist of one cup of coffee, which I am having now, and two cups of vegetable broth.

I am going to have to come up with a different technique for the conservation of vital fluids. I had prostate problems some years ago and find that clearing the prostate is pretty important for my health and comfort. I wasn’t sure that this was true; I always suspected but was never quite sure. Yesterday my prostate began to hurt pretty badly; it had been at least 5 days since my last orgasm. There were other factors of course, gas, coffee bladder, bad food etc. But still it hurt and after peeing and farting I still needed relief. My wife obliged and nearly immediately I felt an alleviation of pressure. I plan to visit the Chinese herb shop today to see if there is anything I can take for this, or perhaps acupuncture. In the meantime the plan is to use the chalice. It would be simple enough to find a goddess or an immortal to do devotional work with. In combination with herbal supplements perhaps I may ease back into the total conservation but I will need to work on this for now.

Remember the blue bird.

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