Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sublimation ride

The morning was a blur. I did manage to get in some CEPC exercises in while my boy played on the rug. I have a feeling that when I take this job on 100% (full time Dad job) I will be doing a lot more exercises on the fly, outside of the temple room. Also in order to get anything done I am going to have to get massively organized. Did I say massively? I think I meant that I will need to cast a bit of OCD on myself.

The cycling turned out to be a phenomenal method for sublimation. During the first ½ of my ride I concentrated on the cycling of the breath. (I will draw a quick chart for this) The basic technique is to drive the energy into tu mo then down jen mo in the front and into the mortal cavity. It is then drawn up into the tan t’ien where it is held momentarily and heated to boiling point. This is then forced hard back to the mortal cavity where it is drawn back up into tu mo as quickly as possible and cycling back through the system. This is a pretty fast cycling as breathing gets heavier and harder with the bicycling. The pressure on the mortal cavity worked just as I had expected. The pressure seemed to not only block the energy from moving down further into the legs but seems to act as a spring board, bouncing the VB back up into the cycle.

I will try to spend some time in my next couple of posts discussing the concept of sublimation and how it seems to work.

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