Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dealing with a few things. 1) Motion toward Solar work 2) Job 3) My place in the Tao.


So my decreasing draws to close. My time of loss and humility smoothly transition into the next phase. My cup is being filled. Thunder indicated firm resolution. Water from above sustains and fulfills, abundance of chi, thunder below. Wind above, outward flowing chi. Resolution to help aid and assist mankind.

King Wen’s decision; “favorable to have somewhere to go. Favorable to cross great rivers.” There is plenty of wind for my little wooden boat.

Relevant commentary:

“The joy of people is boundless; Increase of what is lower comes from what is above; It’s ways are greatly brightened. Favorable to somewhere to go because it is favorable and correct and therefore is blessed. Increase moves with gentleness and mildness, it proceeds daily without limit, heaven bestows and earth accepts, thereby things increase without restriction.”

“The Tao of increasing always proceeds in harmony with the time.”

“The superior person follows the good when he sees it and corrects his faults when he finds them.”

Initial 9: Favorable to engage in conducting great accomplishments. Supreme good fortune, no fault. Though the lower is not suitable to engage in great affaires. Increase alternates to watching.

Fifth nine: With sincerity and truthfulness , benefiting their hearts. No need to ask. Supreme good fortune, My virtue will be favored. No need to ask the reaction, this is what he really wants. Increase alternates to nourishing. 

Personal interpretation:

Heading toward Solar work. It is a good time to make this journey form mercury to the sun. Build a wooden sail boat to navigate the path. Symbols for this path will be three magi riding a wooden sailboat through an ocean of stars.

My boss and supervisors are good and will provide me with what I need. My working for the welfare of the people will always bring good fortune.

My place in the Tao is represented by the cup. I am an open vessel being filled.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

In my absence

So much has occurred over the past few months during blogging inactivity I fear that to even try to recount any of it would miss the point entirely. Much of it has been of an intensely personal nature and thus not bloggable. If I remember correctly I mentioned that I was going to be stepping back from the blog for a minute.

Joined the Masons (swearing in on the Tao Te Ching) got job, moving from mercury into the sun. 

This is just a breaking the ice… Coming back into my own.