Monday, August 25, 2008

OCD manifest


CEPC, sublimation meditation

This Monday marks the big shift, the schedule manifest. So my casting sigils for organization seem to be working. I acquired a palm pilot from Frater Idgaf who just happened to have one he didn’t use. So in order to achieve, amongst this whirlwind, a “near OCD” organization must be achieved. And so it seems to be.

The evening’s research consisted of some pretty dry historical background stuff. I hope that I can jazz it up enough in the XaoTao to make it interesting. Some people get off on that stuff I suppose. It looks as though I will be able to create a 3rd modern tradition of the XaoTao. It fits in pretty well with the two old school traditions, Tao-chia and Tao-chiao. I wonder if I should not rearrange the title again to fit the historical line, Tao-chao or Tao-Xao. I don’t know. I like the XaoTao. Besides I think the Xao preceding makes an important statement, xaotism being the umbrella theory.

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