Monday, August 11, 2008

The Beer Ninja Rituals


While I was cleaning out our car this afternoon I found myself doing magick. Open handed as it was, I decided to go ahead and state my intent. The realization of the magick in performance came in a flash while I was cleaning the driver’s area. “I am not only cleaning my car but protecting us and it from harm.” When this thought occurred is when I realized I should go ahead and make it official, so I gave my intent. As soon as my intent out loud I accidentally hit the horn scaring the living shit out of myself; a perfect magickal performance. Not only was the intent pushed into my unconscious mind with fear gnosis it was facilitated by the honking of the horn, what one might expect if an accident were about to occur. This impromptu style (open handed) magickal activity is (in my humble opinion) the appropriate style for mundane daily needs. It is sympathetic magick and indicates a need for the magickian to control something that may otherwise be left to random chance.

The big question is if the magickian is strong enough does this type of magick need to be done? Can illuminatory magicks cover this realm of need? For instance, if I have been doing illuminatory work for years is my very presence strong enough to keep something like a car accident from happening. Theoretically yes. Then the magickian has to ask hirself if they trust this. I have not had an accident for many, many years. I can say that I haven’t had a serious car accident since I began to practice magick heavily. I could be a good defensive driver, or I could be a strong magickian, or a bit of both. Does it matter? Then the other paradoxical question arises. Did I do the magickal protection on the car because I am a good magickian and was suddenly directed by my own psychic foresight to do the magick because a part of me saw it coming? Now this, while not the most scientific of reasoning, is certainly the most fun. So the magickian should use magickal logic, not scientific logic. The two are different. Get ready I am about to shift gears.

The magickian cannot remain a magickian for very long if he/she begins to develop too keen a scientific mind. You will hear many magickians extol the virtues of scientific exploration of magick. I completely agree. However, science has limitations and is an extremely dogmatic paradigm. The magickian would do well to utilize scientific methods and thinking, but to keep in mind that “nothing is true”. Just because you can quantify it, does not make it true, just because it looks good in scientific notation or formula, does not mean that it is truer than it may be if it is written in Gaelic.

Okay I am needed, and will not be able to finish this thought process at the moment. Perhaps for later.

Ritual. Frater Beenja (formerly Frater J) and I fortified his temple. We then went on to perform ritual after ritual. I cannot say how many rituals we performed. Most of the work involved impromptu dance style trance states. Some ritual evolved from the gnosis of the previous ritual. I will list the various intents as well as I can remember.
1) Securing of the temple space
2) Exploration of the temples energies, presence, past
3) Chi Qong style healing work
4) A curse/binding on an unruly individual
5) Divination of mercurial posture and mantra
Gnosis was excitatory and continued for hours. There is of course a lot more that could be said about these rituals. There are some sigils for the mercurial work. Perhaps I will try to formerly write some of that, but then it was more a gathering info for future ritual than anything else. And then the other work could not be duplicated any way.

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