Monday, May 25, 2009

Monasticism Day VII

It is My Will that confidence be instilled in my customer base
GPR banished by bedside
Clean sheets and clean skin milky stars
Passive to the point
Intensive pleasure cast headlong into the Tzu Jan Star
good night, good night, good night.
Dreams resist me. Running late for Ms graduation
Atlanta traffic kills us and wicked Inn keepers don't keep words
No room for half our party, three beds for 6
I am running late. Out the window.
Running fast, fast up and down stairs
Leaping high onto a grocer cart piled 3 stories high
I can get in to the window from here
White dress black tux a newly wedded couple sitting atop the junk with me
The cart swings and sways unstable, I cant get back in the window.
Waking up is fowl.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monasticism Day VI

It is my Will to rest complete in my sleep
Sleep fell upon me and pentagrams burned
At the four quarters of my bed
My head burned with darkness
My right hand burned with sadness
My feet burned with regret
My left hand burned with desire
I awoke with faint memory of dreamscape escaping
Fist to the face of foes, a jihad of consciousness
Upon waking an escape occurred and I rested
Banished and rested some more

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Monasticism Day V

It is My Will...
SLKNT is much more than at first inspected
SLKNT is evolution, adaptive mutation
Learn to conserve this
Learn to manipulate this
Draw what one is, out into the environment
Burn the proper wicks and smoldering sigils
Quit procrastinating and make making made!
Make sacrament of Coffee
Make instigation

Monasticism Day IV

It is my Will to experience a little death
My death, the expulsion of Qi freely given
Midnight sex rights massage banishing
Dirty end
Blinding light
sleep, dark, dreamless, deadly sleep
4am and calm, 7am and calm
5pm and calm
There is nothing in this save illumination
There is nothing in me
I become the abyss and I represent
Notes from a Frater indicate a death I cannot see
In dream we wear the same pants
Two legs, one torso two chaospheres
And we shop in Asian markets for just the right size

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monasticism Day III

It is my Will to walk through this darkness with calm resolve

as on level ground

to flow as water through a crevasse

K'an flows through smoke of water

The scent of lotus heavy in perception

The token gives passage and I am thrown into the depths

Frozen water surround, freezing water captures

As breathing slows to hypothermic the sigil is cast

And I wait

Blood of the moon reflecting impossible distances

The smoke rings Míngwángxīng

And I am given Sun

The water is low and the mountain is high

K'an is kept away and cultivation begins

I am to design two small bowls for sacrifice

Going with the time it is that I should decrease the firm and increase the yielding

"Thus the superior man controls his anger and restrains his instincts"

Six in the fifth supreme good fortune and ten tortoise shellsAfter ten changes it should be known

That evaporation from the lake rains down and nourishes the mountain

Restrain the self that others may prosper

Sexual Gnosis -->black ray

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monasticism Day II

It is my Will to invoke the intelligences of Pluto
Bell rings
Bell rings
depths of distant screaming hells
hollowed halls and courts of judgment
It is my place here safely frozen quietly listening
Repenting silently in the tenth
A boat and a little blue bearded man gives coin
A bell and a skull of silver token
Myrrh burns solid and my will is done

Dreams: recorded elsewhere to maintain privacy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

NOX + Monasticism day I

Last nights NOX rituals hit the spot for me. On many levels I felt very confident and excited about the direction that the Kalatchela is going. That aside everyone's rituals were awesome.

My ritual.

Taoist Death Metal and the Art of Demon warfare.

This ritual was quite simply an evocation of my personal demons into the willing magickians around me. This done an exorcistic battle ensued. Three total and very heavy exorcisms.

This ritual also marked for the the taking of the Lesser Observances of a Monk of Chaos for a period of at least one week, perhaps longer.

Monasticism day I:

1. Spent nearly 10 minutes looking for my staff which seemed to just vanish into thin air. Found it.

2. IAO banishing in the car on the way home from temple.

3. No dreams.

Link Break Curse Back
Listen to old crone groan and the sizzle of sigil scents
Demon portal bloodhound pack circles
Blood on the door wiped clean and thanks for the link
Burning boiling hell that is yours
You can keep it
Your own sadness, your own depression, your own feelings of inferiority, your own attempts to bolster your week little ego, your own controlling manipulative string of lies
You can keep it
smoldering fields were battles were won
Two taps of the cane forever echoing
2, 2, 2, 2 is ultimately 8 and we close

5. Two sexual gnosis dedicated to magick. One with partner one solo. The first was used to charge a RED chaosphere. The second began as a black chaosphere that hovered above my head then shot a ray of yellow into my chest. This caused me to involuntarily convulse for perhaps 20 seconds. the intensity of that casting was a bit unexpected, but good, very good.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

and where the fuck have you been?

Okay I really have no intention of answering that. I have been.

Ritual meditation this evening
Heavy smoke and rolls of pillar snow
Transfer, slight of mind, play of hand, relax
Placement is magick, manipulation of object one
Preparation for the move to object two
One in two and AAACHOO x 2
Kuei is out and playing games
7 die and a bird sings a song to the moon
63º and midnight
Yin is quicker than Yang