Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Poplar Two Wand Eight Mile Ritual Walk

  1. Find an 7-8 mile circular trail
  2. Obtain two wands
    • Either before or during the first mile of the walk
    • Select wands of relatively equal size and strength
  3. Cary one wand in the left and and one in the right
  4. Walk
  5. When you come full circle break the wands while pointing the broken ends toward the chest
  6. Dispose of the wand waste

Results from this ritual walk were strange and powerful. The macrocosm asks something of me, something pertaining to my own health as this relates to my personal strength and power.  The resounding answer was “YES”.

At one point while playing with the clouds and wind the universe looked down on me and said “you really have no idea what your doing.” This struck me as simultaneously true and ridiculous. I felt a tingling surge of energy that manifested in a deep hearty laughter. I laughed aloud in the face of the universe.

The past snuck up on me and I found myself quite sad. I was instructed by time.

“Looking into the past with such longing and desire is the same as looking at your own organs in your hands. Just as your organs are part of you, so is the past. But we cannot bring the past back nor can we look upon the organs of our own body without disastrous result.  One should be glad that the past is of us and has shaped who we are NOW, just as we should be glad that our organs are IN us and keeping us alive.”

And when I broke the sticks and at the point at which I injected the Chi (heart) there was a physiological surge, a quickening of heart rate and a tingling warmth that radiating our from my center.

4-25-11- PM 4

4-25-11 PM

Sunday, April 24, 2011



I didn’t realize until this evening that I was developing my own personal arrangement of the 8 primary gua. This arrangement coming not from my mind or contemplation but the random action of the gua themselves. As should all ritual use of the gua be, a manifestation of the  practitioner who is using them, the circling of one individual soul. Further, there is movement toward a larger ritual working. It makes since that this would present itself to me with Qian, the perfect manifestation of creative energy.

*interesting note: Qian is one of the twelve tidal qua representing May.

*Baguazhang (eight trigram palm)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Commentary on Sexual Chi

While sitting on the back porch and surveying my yard…

Sexual energy, when dissected from interpersonal and/or social mores IS synonymous with healing energy.  At the very least can be used to the same effect.

It must be allowed to run free. It must have no restriction. When this is done; when sexual desire and direction is allowed to run its course, you, those around you and those you direct your energy toward will heal. 

Often this involves allowing oneself to fully experience the intensity of fear, anxiety, jealousy and possessiveness. Doing this, the flow of chi permeates existence. As creation itself is an act of sexual motion. Creation itself is a manifestation of the union and consummation of all of existence.

It is the energy, not necessarily the ACT.  We must not let the purity of this energy be confused with lust. Lust can be utilized to achieve the opposite result. But that is another topic.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Jan Fries

Wind and Wood

Gentle penetration

Breath (chi perhaps)

Early summer

Master Alfred Huang

Sequence of the gua: “When the traveler has no place to take shelter, Proceeding Humbly follows.”

The wind blowing gently moves in and out of trees, rustles leaves, and cools the skin. It penetrates into the very soul of emotional response. Blow the candles on your altar out gently, lest you spray wax all over. In the same way the wind if too strong breaks branches, tears things up and chases people indoors. It is the same with wood. If one tries to thrust a sharpened pole into the ground it will only go so far. On the other hand, the gentle growth of a root can penetrate deep into the earth, even breaking through layers of rock.

Commentary on the decision: “…The firm proceeds humbly to the central position. Its will is able to be fulfilled.”

I had associated this previously with Orange magicks. Perhaps revisit in consideration of this new “…Central position…Will is…fulfilled” bit. Now, thinking Octarine. However humble and gentle aids in making friends, this influential aspect may be somewhat like a Taoist yellow or green. This does bode well with the Green. I am leaning in this direction, heavily now. Gentle penetration will ultimately aid tremendously in the acquisition of allies. The debate here for me is really between Octarine and Green.

Upon further examination and meditation I begin to realize the ones octarine hexagram must be chosen or discovered, just as the color octarine itself. This will of course shift all of the trigrams. I think that I and my readers are going to have to be happy with the disclaimer that this particular i-ching colors of magick layover is a personal interpretation and must be discovered individually. For instance Xun feels exceptionally Green to me. When thinking of my personal Octarine I can only see Gen, the Mountain, keeping still.

Thomas Cleary

Really starts off with this idea of Sun Green. He describes the traveler with no companions needing to harness the ability to acquire trust and develop familiarity relatively quickly in order to find shelter. This ability is a direct result of being adaptable. He also repeats this idea that it is beneficial to see great people, which I am just picking up on. Of course, should I be acting strongly in my influential personality traits, great and influential people would be a benefit to meet.

I will have to get back to the Wilhelm works.

Total after thought. I wonder if this Hun as any relation to the Hun in Hun Tun.

just added the chart above. these things may play out with little to now help from me. Good, lol.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Occasion

There is a name for the experience that befalls me now. I am assured by all synaptic firing that if I had known it I most certainly do not know it now. And this knowledge, this perfect flawless knowledge is correct.  If I could adequately express the emotion of laughter, that laughter that pervades all things and expresses all things I would. But my language skills are lacking. formal education does not prepare one for Samadhic experience of daily living.

Why today, why now? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps exorcise and drink combined with a sense that I do good in the world on a daily basis (or at the very least try). I am vibrating now with the experience of my child running through the house. Not just aware of it, but experiencing it. I would almost expect to have these types of revelations should I be taking acid or otherwise be under the influence of ecstasy or some other illuminatory enhancing drug. But I am not. 

Interesting that my first compulsion while experiencing this was to write, to become a vessel for transcription. Such is my lot I suppose.

I write now from a spontaneous moment of real life gnosis. No chemical induction, no ritually enhanced state of mind. just me, my experience of my family and the sublime experience of perfection. “I need my blue car” my son sais, reminding me of Jim Morrison's “blue bus”

Ahh, these things we are. and I with no new reading, no new methods, no new magickal revelation to bring to the table. Yet, I stumble into this brilliant light I call the illumination of my own personal existence, without the history, mythology, or myriad mystical kabalistic correlations.

I experience, play, laugh, tickle, am tickled, express awe at a vision I have had a thousand times, repeat repeat repeat, then vegetate on some show specifically designed to numb the thought process, and it does. and I ease into hypnotic sleep. Less dreamless that is has been.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


In the time that I haven't been blogging the work I did to aid me in my work with severely psychotic and dangerous individuals has continued to develop. I began teaching a class on meditation and yoga. The individuals have really taken to this and many of them seem to have gained allot from it.

After some easy chair yoga and stretching I guide the individuals into a quiet meditative state by playing my Shakuhachi flute for 20 to 30 minutes. I do this twice a week. In my early classes one individual said "Its like you are saying a prayer for me." I was surprised and delighted by his intuition. As these classes have become more refined I have been slipping into gnosis a bit during the meditations. I have felt that I needed to be careful and pull back a bit as gnosis gets deeper. However, I have also noticed that as my gnosis gets deeper the class gets calmer. There is a static hum that radiates throughout the room.