Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lost day

I dont know what happened to this day. But I found it in my journal, where it has always been, where I didnt seem to see it when I was posting last. Well, here it is.


I know I said I was not going to time these morning practices anymore. But the empirical mind, never mind what I said yesterday, got the better of me and I became exceedingly curious about how long this CEPC is actually taking. So I timed it. Five complete, well controlled, cycles takes about 10 minutes. This really surprised me.

I continued after this with another 20 minutes of meditation followed by some free-style yoga. I can’t believe I managed to get 30 minutes this morning! I have started going out onto the back porch for my morning practices. I find that this feels better. I also noticed that, very different from temple space meditations, outdoor meditation breed the sensation that I was quite small. That I am noting this probably gives me away. It has been WAY too long since I have meditated outside. There was that thunder magick I did last month (?) that was out in the backyard during a downpour and thunderstorm. That felt different though. For one it was at night and for two the energy was such that it left the body feeling bloated, not infinitesimal. I think it is the sunrise meditation. The sun really brings into relief the planetary presence, the macrocosmic.

Thought: No matter how long we practice, no matter at what level we are, we are forever students, forever babes to these systems. There are no levels, only points about a sphere. What am I trying to say here? I suppose it is that…hmmm…ahhh I know what it is. I am saying that elementary practices are not elementary! We are infants the practices are ancient! The spirit that runs through the simplest of these practices (to include MMM) is older than time, is the vital breath. If there were an egregore for them it would be the most ancient of the egregores. This egregore would be the Master. Ultimately, what am I saying? Do not neglect your MMM, do not neglect simplicity in your magick. I were to leave off all practices save one, it would be meditation. For within this one practice can be realized all other practices.


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