Sunday, August 3, 2008

asanic sigil idea

Began with CEPC then just meditated on the tip of my nose for a while allowing my thoughts to clear.

I fell asleep rather early this afternoon. I slept clear through to about 12:45 when my Son woke me up needing a diaper change. Needless to say after having nearly 5 hours of sleep I woke up relatively refreshed. This is the reason for the strange hour.

CEPC. I performed this in the closed channel posture as well as standing in an open tai chi posture. I only did the open tai chi posture for one cycle right at the end. I believe tomorrow mourning I will be using the standing posture for CEPC. The energy seemed to move much more easily and naturally. Compared to the sitting posture the vital breath (VB) seemed almost to move of its own. I was also able to feel the VB clearly. There was not the seeming need to push the VB through the channels as there was with the sitting posture.

Perhaps open in the am and closed in pm.

While watching Secrets of the Serpent: In search of the sacred past (a documentary based on Philip Gardner’s theory)

I notice that as my son sits, holding up his body and learning his balance he wobbles, circular, like a serpent. The serpent rising, up the spine, gaining its center.

Asana sigils. These would be postures that take the form of sigils. Holding the posture during meditation until gnosis would activate the sigil.

Water and the hypnagogic state…Christ walking on water and the bubbling springs at the base of the feet.

If these two ideas can be combined, the practitioner, in standing asanic sigil, can activate the mixing bowl of the elixir of immortality, much like the tan t’ien cauldron. This will include the development of the asanic sigil for the blue bird, the CEPC, as well as the pushing of the gathered VB into the bubbling springs. This could be used to accelerate the bubbling springs to boiling point, at which time the self ignites into a burst of flame and the sigil (self) is cast.

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