Thursday, August 28, 2008

CEPC and Sublimation

Didn’t perform for very long this morning. I woke up sick, was sick all day and am still sick now. This fucking sucks. I take this as a result, although a negative one. Perhaps I should begin focusing more on the quick and slow fires and the healing exorcises. Whatever, this is a call for me to get serious, get more organized about my practice, to practice more diligently. Perhaps monasticism is in order. If I am not better by tomorrow evening I will begin working on the tears of purification. I will try to push this illness out of me. This thing seems to have come from my grandmother who is sick in bed with bronchitis.

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Ataraxium said... are you feeling now that you have gotten some rest?

A monastacism does not sound too bad. Keep truckin brother. I am definately looking forward to your future work with the Taoist "demons".