Sunday, August 31, 2008

castles in the sand

(keep an eye out for my ritual post. I am still working on that one, it may take a minute. It will be dated 8:29 and posted to my web page. I will let you know.)

Still resting.
I can’t even breathe well enough to circulate my breath without coughing, which has become quite painful.

Dreamed looking out my window to find that the hurricane was calling for evacuation of my town. I noticed that they had dug a trench at the foot of my house, not a trench a huge hole and were lining the walls with cans and tires. I couldn’t figure out what the sense of this was as it seemed to me that it would just fill with water. Missy (a friend of mines dog) was sent across town to deliver a message. She took the message in her mouth and ran off, cutting up underneath debris and weaving past projectiles. So I ran upstairs to check the status of the storm. I looked out of my balcony, pretty high up and saw that the skies had darkened and the waves were crashing into the windows. These must have been at least 40-foot breaks. The sand had all been washed off of the beech, there was nothing but the bare rock shelves left. No sand. I wondered how long it would take till we had beeches again. Then I wondered if I was even going to survive.

This illness seems to be spurring dreams. Perhaps the uneasiness with which I sleep. Oceanic themes, dangerous waters. Looked up some info on Gustav this morning as well. It seems that the name would mean “staff of the gods”. Great thing to name a storm. And should this staff single us out in anger? We are now experiencing the outer edges of this storm. My prediction is that it will be near Katrina, apparently it is a cat 4 now (Katrina was cat 5) But evacuations have been better so death should not be as severe. These storms are going to get worse over the years. Our dreams will reflect this. If the “savior” came it would be in the eye of a hurricane. It is easy to see how jesus freaks could see these hurricanes as a cleansing from god. I can easily see it from my perspective as a cleansing from Gaia (that is the hypothesis). You are building castles in the sand people. Castles in the sand.

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