Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Woke up this morning and went back to sleep. My wife put my son in his crib and he was laughing and yelling. I went back to sleep. He next thing I know my wife is coming in from her first class and my boy is asleep in his crib. It was rather surreal and a bit unnerving. The day itself has been hectic. We decided to have the dog groomed and so this threw a kink in my planning, as did getting up two hours late. So the day was a mad dash, all day. I am finally here at the library at 8:30, round about 2 hours behind schedule. Two hours behind schedule, all because of a fucking dog and my horrid, failing Will to get my ass up out of bed.

However I take this as a success concerning the sigil casting. OCD functions under a pretty rigid system. Often, if one thing is out of sequence or disruptive to the plan then the system unravels and the individual is lost. I cannot afford to unravel, and I have to be flexible where my son’s needs are concerned. This does not include my own infortitude. People talk about armchair magickians! It would seem that I was a pillow magickian. I may as well lay in bed to do my meditations and call it the death posture, better still, the narco-posture and catalog my nodding off as gnosis! Perhaps we can call that Gnodding.

Self-flogging aside. I am here now, in my study room at the library. My Monks corner, with my books and my writing machine. I can see the bell tower from my window. I believe I am in the north-west corner of the library.

I should get to it so this day is not a complete waste where my work is concerned.

Just got off the phone with Dunn. Don’t forget the micro-macro cosmic connection! Bring it home. Bring it home.

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