Thursday, August 14, 2008

fire breathing

Random intervals, very hectic morning.

I practiced fire breathing with Frater Idgaf. This for me was not as much ritual as it was practicing a technique for future ritual. Frater idgaf did perform ritual. There is a beauty in fire breathing in that the technique causes a focus that is Gnostic in its intensity. If you are not focused you could quite possibly burn your face off, or inhale carcinogenic fuel, neither of which would be particularly pleasant.

Used traditional sublimation technique in the car on the way home. This to stave off the building need to ejaculate. It worked better than I had anticipated. I have not done my cycling sublimation for a minute and the drive to frivolously ejaculate generative fluids came back pretty strong. The traditional method (will post this later) worked, and worked well in a pinch.


Ataraxium said...


I am looking into buying in bulk for the fire breathing. I will let you know about some prices and if you want to go in with me...if not, you still have access to assloads of fuel.

What's new? This one is 5 days old.

Frater Tzu Jan said...

Right on! Yeah I am behind on my posting. Its all on my laptop though, and i am working on gettign it all up now.