Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Didn’t wake up in time to for Alicia to go to the park due to another animal situation. The Maggie Maggot the cat had to go to the vet for shots. So, Alicia didn’t have time to go walking, which means that I didn’t have time to do my meds. No worries though, it was a pretty good morning. Cant ask for much more than that most days. Strange night though. Sammy woke up at 2:30 am. Wide awake. No crying or anything, just awake and happy. He was so happy in fact that Alicia and I thought that it was morning and began getting out of bed, until we realized that it was 2:30! We managed to coax him back to sleep and then things got real strange.

My dreams were pretty intense. Last night I began thinking about the use of Kuei in my practices. Of course these demon ghosts are the often the diseased who have died unjustly or in ill manners. I found myself in a fight with some kid rock looking guy. I ws losing horridly. Then I realized that Sammy was in the car and so I called the police. This caused a huge issue as most everyone at the party (which turned out to be a funeral) were carrying. I felt bad about that as I could give a shit about other peoples drug habbits, and ordinarily I would just deal with thigns myself, but I cold not take too big a risk as Sammy was in my care. So I called the cops and people scattered. I realized then that I was at Donnie Land’s funeral. Though it was not his funeral it was his resurrection at my hand. I held his two sons and daughter in my arms crying and praying with them. I then set about the task of resurrecting Donnie Land. When he rose he expressed indebtedness to me. Donnie, I must admit, was not in life what I would call a moral, nor really even a nice guy. But he was powerful and if he were to take up a bureaucratic position in the Taoist hell then he would certainly be powerful there. So, Donnie Land is to be my first Kuei project.

Oh yeah, and the failed mantra sigil casting. As I was falling asleep I created a mantra in my head to win a bid on ebay. I did not win the bid. Then again the gnosis wasn’t really all that strong, nor was the effort I put into the mantra.

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