Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Advent of Winter Solstice

So I come upon myself a wash of detoxing chemicals and the scent of death. How should this be? I dedicate myself to the Sun, wash myself in the Light, anoint myself healer of the sick, and I fall headlong into the darkness. I dramatize of course, it’s not near as bad as all that.

With my recent planetary shift I knew that I would need to move my main altar to the East. I have traditionally kept my personal altar in the West. There is a Yin Yang principle at play in this. The Western Altar faces East and the Eastern Altar faces West. So now I find myself facing East. The Altar facing West, and the Western Wall of my Temple was empty. Like a black hole, it began to suck in all light, becoming plugged only by those things in my possession that were too dark to count for light, those things that were in fact of Death.

The Eastern Border of my Temple piled higher and higher. It has been many years since I have uncovered so many of my magickal items at one time. The Light shines on all things. And I open myself to the elements. The West, by contrast, reflects the Shadow cast by the Altar in the East. This shadow collapses in on itself.

There seems little need, ironically, for much discussion of the East and my new placement in the influence of Sol. Except to say that my prior work was exceedingly successful. However, this desire to heal others has turned on me. Apparently this ability is strongly knotted with the healing of one’s Self. It is indeed hard to pluck a splinter from your brothers eye when you have a log in your own. The strength of the Light when working from the Sun also tends to highlight one’s own personal flaws. If I may utilize redundancy with that last sentence to further illustrate my point!

Forgive me. I believe that the warmth of the slippers on my feet and the warmth of the wine in my belly are influencing my writing.

When you fully embrace the Solar magicks, not just utilize the Sun, but enter the Sun, and your work is the Light from the Sun, you yourself become darkness. If you project pure light, then what is left is darkness. That is not fully accurate. What is left is a darkness that is only dark due to the speed with which light moves through and out of it’s center. The core of the sun is pure darkness. Much in the way that the core of a black hole is in fact a Sun. The same as Yang holds the seed of Yin and the Yin holds the seed of Yang.

Now that I have moved past Pluto, through Mercury and am deeply embedded in the Sun, I find myself connected back to Pluto. Though only a countercharge, it has been an unexpected result. And this my Temple and my soul reflects.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nonlocal Exorcism with Solar Influx

To begin I feel I should both apologize to and applaud recent participants in my rituals. To explain, a large aspect of my recent rituals has been that of spontaneity. The Chinese word that I took my Frater name from, Tzu Jan, literally translates as spontaneity. I have used this as the basis for rituals in the past, but recently this has become almost the rule of rituals that I present. The method of presentation quite literally has been, "This is the intent of the work we will do, these are the symbols, mythologies, and often my own personal opinions and interpretations that we will be utilizing. Now, this is what might happen, this is what I may be doing. Knowing these things do what you feel like you need to do." So I have asked allot of participating magickans. I have asked for their ability to act in the best possible manner during rituals, without allot of guidance. I have asked that participants be magickians, not participants. And without exception one and all have risen to and exceeded expectation.

The following ritual was no exception and in many ways much more dangerous that what I have asked of magickians in the past.

Nonlocal Exorcism with Solar Influx

I work at a Psychiatric hospital with severely psychotic individuals. I have noticed over the past few months that there seems to be a particular energy or type of psychosis that afflicts older black women. I have been working with one particular individual who has been afflicted with a particularly vile concentration of this. I have been considering an exorcism ritual for quite sometime. Knowing that this is not a working that could be accomplished in one working, thus this was a layered working. Also the exorcism certainly could not be performed with the individual at the hospital, not by any of my personal methods at any rate. So it also had to be performed nonlocally.

I have done some much lighter versions of this with other individuals. When an individual gives me something (i.e. drawings, handwritten notes, pieces of trash, packets of spice, crayons etc.) I have placed them on my altar for a period of time, said daily prayers over them and then burned them. 2 of the 3 individuals that I have done this with have been discharged from the hospital and not returned. The severity of this case and a couple of others has upped the ante.

The day of the ritual the individual OM gave me two tootsie rolls. These I used as sacrament for those who were willing to partake. On that day as well, another individual asked that I pray for her. There was a heavy emotional charge during this day. Two women broke into tears and required immediate attention from myself and another co-worker. Later both of those women broke into spontaneous worship and revival style prayer.

The basic intent was to exorcise the demons of psychosis, enhance my personal ability to exorcise demons and heal by my presence and desire open-handedly also to move fully into the sphere of Sol in my astronomical macro-microcosmic work and to use this shift to enhance all of above stated intent.

The ritual:

Set up involved placement of a single candle, incense, a sigil, small altar and the cut tootsie rolls in the center of the room. Chanting took the form of glossolalia. Instruction involved my telling the participants that I would be drawing from solar powers, exorcising the demons described above and to chant and do what they felt necessary. There was a warning and informed consent concerning the nature of what we would be dealing with. Aside from this there was allot of discussion but little instruction.

Once the chanting had begun I handed out the sacrament to those willing. I then set to work clearing Mercury form my mirror and drawing in Sol. When I turned back to the circle I went into full chant and went straight to the hospital. There I performed all of the ritual acts that I have wanted to perform at work but have been unable to. I dealt very heavily with OM's exorcism but then, contrary to plan, ended up being flooded by others. So, very much like I do at work, I dealt with these "demons" as they came. In the end I centered myself on the unit that I was focusing on and allowed the solar energy to build within me until it exploded from me saturating the hospital and vaporizing this demon psychosis in its path.

I don't think I speak for myself when I say I was utterly exhausted after the ritual had been completed. Frater Usul wisely suggested another banishing be performed.

Following ritual work did tend to energize me and I have felt quite well since. Of course more will be known concerning results over the next few weeks at work.

Prior work by Frater Usul, dealing with the throat chakra and communication blended well with my personal work of the evening. Further result from this chakra work have manifested in interpersonal dealings not appropriate to put in this medium. However, suffice it to say that there have been positive results from this work.