Monday, August 4, 2008

Cycling Sublimation


Went cycling this evening from 2100-2300. I sublimated my VB while cycling for about 10 minutes. I found that my endurance is significantly greater than it was. My breathing is strong and deep and my muscles just kept going. It was a wonderful feeling and expulsion of this energy that has been building over the past few days. There is instruction that indicates that sublimation, while having some basic technique, is highly individual to the practitioner. I wonder if I can create a sublimation meditation through cycling. The physical aspect of it actually works out perfectly. There is a large amount of pressure on the mortal cavity, which could lend itself quite nicely to the task. Sublimation breathing cycle seems relatively straight forward, so far, so that should take little concentration. I should be able to easily concentrate on this while I ride. This will need to be done solo, or with Frater J who would dig the need for concentration during the ride.

I believe this may be a good technique for sublimation for several reasons. The first reasons cited above. The second reason being that I had been feeling a strong sexual charge. Not that I don’t relatively consistently have a charge, but the strength of the charge has been a bit more since I began this practice. It has been of a different quality. However, after cycling this energy was neutralized. This would be a significant indicator that the energy sublimated. I did cycle the breath a few times while riding last night. This may be the thing to do. I will ride again tonight and explore this.

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