Saturday, August 9, 2008


With this practice, generally speaking I am going to discontinue giving the time and duration of the practice. This is for several reasons. Anyone who has had a child I am sure can relate to morning madness. Its not so much that there is not time, it is just that the time that I can gather is erratic and in bits and pieces throughout the morning. For instance this morning I performed CEPC on the toilet and then again during my Son’s play time. I don’t check the time and prepare and all that jazz for this practice. I just catch as catch can. Incidentally, CEPC is a pretty good method for aid in waste elimination.

Sublimation in chemistry is the transmutation of a solid into a gaseous state without the intermediary liquid state. Sublimation in Taoist Yoga is also the transmutation of a solid into a gaseous state without the intermediary liquid state. This liquid state that is being bypassed in Taoism is the generative fluid, the seed of life, the male ejaculate. Women do not need to worry as much about this as they do not lose chi through ejaculate. Apparently women only lose chi through menstruation and this once a month occurrence doesn’t seem to be as big an issue as it is with virile males. The practice of sublimation is designed to utilize this chi. I should say sublimation IS the intentional use of chi as opposed to the dis-semen-ation of chi without intent. Perhaps this is where CMT and the methods of sublimation merge; intent.

There are many methods for the intentional use of chi. Physical exercise like my cycling sublimation work is a good way to begin learning to burn the cauldron and direct chi into the various parts of the body for sublimation into ATP. Ecstatic gnosis during ritual is another excellent method combining magick and physical exertion. It is very much like tantra. When novices or the uninitiated hear the word tantra they think sex. Tantra as magi understand is much more than this, it is ritual and gnosis that often does not concern sex, but it does concern the use of sexual energies, just as Taoist yoga, in particular the act of sublimation.

Is work like the Talismanic Invocation of Mercurial Chi sublimation? Technically no, it is not. This would fall more under the class of chi generating exercises in which chi is gathered for later use. In this case the chi is not only gathered, but is gathered from a specific sphere containing specific qualities. In this way chi of a particular color of magick can be harnessed and stored then sublimated at a later time for specific intent. For instance, my first ritual invocation of mercurial chi is playing out in my writing of this blog and will eventually play a larger role in the writing of the Xaotao.

At first I had considered not doing ritual this evening because I had sex. I thought that this chi that I had been cultivating was lost through liquid form. I was right and wrong. The chi that I was cultivating for the past couple of days was Mercurial. The work I was going to do this evening, and now will be doing, is of a more Saturnalian/Plutonian bend. However I do believe that even after using the chi in liquid form for more pleasure based activity there are still residuals. Considering the different angels of this situation I would consider to be of Mercurial flavor.

I will need to leave this discussion for now. I have slipped into the 9th and need to get this ritual work completed.

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