Friday, February 27, 2009

Earth Deity Found

Ritual to find a strong Earth Deity and give it its first mission
Ritual performed with Frater J at his ‘Dirty Foot’ Temple.

1. Opened by impromptu calling of the corners and placement of elemental weapons
(Impromptu calling of the corners involves a light invocation of the element and a freestyle verbal calling)
2. At the Earth quadrant statement of intents were spoken allowed and sigilized
3. Seated at temple center “NOBO” was chanted, incense was lit and Salvia cigarettes smoked
4. Visionary results obtained
5. Sigil burned


Name: Salakunt
Image: The image was that of an evolving snake/salamander. End result was a larger salamander with glistening grayish green and red scales, large black hood like that of a king cobra, and huge antlers with a neon glowing from within as if they were made of electricity rather than bone.

The image was at first of an upright glowing triangle that took some concentration to turn upside down. With this done this slimy birth-grey beady eyed snake/worm came gushing out. This quickly evolved into a proper snake with brilliant scales. This crawled up and into me wrapping around my spine and crushing itself into my structure. Its head filled my head and then the antlers came shooting out of my head and into the heavens. The hood spread itself out behind me. Arms sprouted into my own and legs followed.

Secondary intent was [private].

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Earth I

Talisman creation
Sigil casting

Free flowing into this one. Did some inspiring synchronistic research on my name prior. Had some sigil work in mind that I wanted to do and this flowed well into the earth meditation of the evening. Don’t want to go too deeply into the talisman etc, need to maintain a distance from these things. However I did achieve an understanding of the eye rolling during meditation. This is not just an exercise but a system. As the eyes roll so does the cosmos. The eyes of course are yang, the only yang we have, and they orbit, allowing for a clearer vision of placement. This is a vantage point with which to see the macro-cosmos. Then the almost violent crossing of the eyes, the slamming of the eyes into the tan tien, brings it all rushing into the body, the macro becomes the micro. I stayed here not allowing for deeper gnosis. I stayed with earth, stuck to her allowed her smooth transitions and evolutions and seasons and rains and violence and warmth and decay and beauty to guide me. This moment was a euphoric gnosis that I have not felt in meditation in as long as I can remember. Tzu Jan, to be completely what one is, natural. To do exactly what one does, flow. To be… there were moments of feeling at one with fallen branches and limbs and stick laying on the forest floor, in piles, branches mingling in such a way with no form and no pattern but as to have each stick holding each other stick up off the ground. Earth is the function of chaos. Earth is the found art of the minds eye. We invariably are earth, we are in earth, we are of earth, we are grounded. And this too came to me, this grounding. All this work is grounded, all this work has foundation.

The Altar is nearly finished. I will post pics when it is completed. I felt compelled to put it in a very public place, my front yard. Front and center of my house. My cat killed a mole yesterday and left it on the porch, the day after the altar was erected so I put that on the altar. Kinda gross but it seemed appropriate. I will be setting it up so that me and the people that know about it and its purpose can pin prayers and sigils onto a flag behind.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have performed several rituals that have not been recorded. This is to my downfall. I don’t want to go into a lot of excess detail right now but should at some point write the mercury talisman invocation and sigil casting. I obtained results from this ritual in a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately I was not specific enough with my intent and ended up with something I did not quite mean. To give a brief, I cast with the intent of finishing the Xaotao book before I left for my doctoral program. The result so far has been a decision not to pursue that particular program for various reasons. These reasons are necessary and good, but this overrode the more implicit idea that I should have this book written in one year. Now, this is not to say that the intent may still not be achieved. It may come about that the relief itself from the pressure to get it done before a big move and shift in my life will be a good thing. We shall see how this plays out.

I have tightened up on my diet again. Not that I got totally off track, but I was eating too much dairy, and too much in general. On February 7th I fasted all day and then on the 8th ate a bowl of steel cut oats. I found that after 24 hours of fasting I begin to get a bit light headed and while this would ordinarily be an okay state for me I cannot completely fast and feel comfortable in my ability to care for my son at my highest capacity. My eating has become lighter and of grains, nuts, fruits and cooked veggies. I am staying away from processed foods, no veggie burgers etc. I have also cut back significantly on my smoking, which had picked up again at an alarming rate. This is in direct response to the ritual I performed to obtain a name for my addiction demon. This name has been used to great affect to curb the desire to smoke when inappropriate. This is most of the time these days.

Beginning preparations for devotional work dealing specifically with the earth goddess energy. I do not at present have the internet in my study which has slowed me down a bit. Sometimes in dealing with specific practical matters in Taoist shamanism it is frustrating as most of the information that is available in my personal library concerns yoga and philosophical Taoism rather than any practical magicks. Jan Fries has some useful information in a relatively practical format, but still he deals more with meditation than magick itself.

So my beginning preparations included building two new raised garden boxes in my yard, constructing an altar of wood and concrete on my front lawn and cleaning/organizing my study, cleaning my brushes and establishing an altar space dedicated to this specific purpose.

I am feeling like much of this is the manifestation of some “organization” sigil work I have done in the past month. I will have to check my intent bank to verify that. At any rate, taking the Xaobala system as a map of microcosm will guide me in my spiraling in meditations. In this the Xaobala is a map that was developed from observations of the solar system and quantum physics. This is superimposed on the inner self. As without so within. So beginning at earth and studying, working with, invoking, enchanting, manipulated etc the energies at each planetary sphere an order is developed whereby solid work can be achieved. I feel like I have been skipping around, trying this, tasting that, and generally dabbling. It is time to get some depth. And so it shall be.