Sunday, August 3, 2008

Casting the Asana Sigil

Standing circulated the energy with much more force. Gravity seems to affect the circulation. This may not be gravity as much as it is the standing form, no bends in the arms or legs and feet flat on the ground. This is particularly evident at the bubbling springs.

Earlier this afternoon after mowing the grass the performed the CEPC spontaneously out in the yard. I did this in the standing position. I experienced an interesting, but not surprising effect. I had an instant energy surge that revitalized me. It is good to know that this technique can be used in this way to cultivate energy when needed.

Sublimation of the VB

This needs a lot more work. I performed this only after a quick read over the text. There is a lot of information that oi need to become more familiar with in order to feel that I am performing this properly. However, I can say that just utilizing what I gathered this evening and for the ten minutes that I meditated I had effect. To begin on the descent of fire when my VB reached my Tan T’ien M right pectoral muscle twitched as if an electrical current were being run through it. This only happened upon resting the VB in the tan t’ien and it happened every time for the duration of the meditation. I quit the meditation when I felt the tell tale vibration in the genitals. Not only this but by genitalia became hyper sensitive. Not to the point of erection but if I had continued this is the direction it was heading.

Asana Sigil.
What comes shall come.
This method whether it works for manifesting will in the corporeal or not it is pretty intense from an acetic perspective. I assumed the posture then performed the CEPC. This done I force the VB to cycle through the tan t’ien and bubbling springs at the base of the feet cycle, rather than coming back up into the body mass. This caused shaking in the legs and burning in the feet. Continued to experience the current in my right pectoral during yin breath. This continued until the heat consumed my body and I began to sweat and the muscled in my arms twitched. The palms of my hands became so hot they felt to be on fire, itchy hot. Fire meets water in this method. Even though I have been relieved this evening I feel an odd sexual tension; odd because it is not a mental desire, but a physical drive in the genitals only. This may be manifest of the sublimation performed earlier. I ended when I was taken by a sensation that I blew away. My body dissipated, evaporated out and above what had become a cauldron at my feet. Fire and water combined to create air.

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Ataraxium said...


You wrote: "...performed this only after a quick read over the text."
---If I may ask, what text are you referring to? What texts are you drawing inspiration from?

Overall a very neat concept. Let me think on it more.