Monday, August 18, 2008

chi qong



No practice this morning. I have been running around getting everything in order for this lawsuit. I feel that in some ways I am still in the midst of magickal action. And in some ways I very much am, but no yoga this morning.

Reports: A few days ago I used Chi Qong on a Frater's Hernia. He showed it to me last night and it was noticeably smaller. He reported that it did feel better as well. Then I also performed Chi Qong on his back. He reported immediate sensations of heat in his back and his limbs (if I remember correctly) and a relief from back pain. This did come relatively quickly however. We were moving and he was pushing very hard. It is hard to know if the work I did lessened the pain he may have suffered if I had not done it. By the end of the night he was in pretty bad pain. I don’t count this as a success at all. I would actually like to continue doing this work to see if I can help him, and also to begin honing my use and projection of quick fire.

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