Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gaia Mother Dreaming


Today has been a day of rest and recovery. Recovery mainly from this ickyness I have.
Dreamt a few dreams this morning.

XXXXX’s Mom came to me while I was lounging. She stood before me, desperate and a bit scared. Strange moment, she was also very sensual. I don’t know how to describe this, not sexual. She was sensual, like a cosmic world mother, like a deity. But she was in pain. The situation shifted and she was in the lounging position. She seemed a bit happier, at least more rested. Holy crap. I just realized something; the black, red and blue birds were not all. There were also Blue birds. That is the damn blue bird. It was quite plain and now that I think back on it I recognized it as such in the dream itself. So these birds were sitting on her face. She seems very happy about this. They seemed to sooth her. They were tiny like finches. They seemed to be grooming her. She was delighted by this and it seemed to stabilize her mood.

Sammy and I swimming in a brackish river. I found a bottle of port wine. We were going to drink it but an alligator swam up and we had to give it to him to pacify it so it would not eat us. I swam ashore. I had him in my arms and we are now watching sharks. Lots of sharks coming up to get warm in the shallow water. A lady comes up and tells us the tide will be rising soon. We try to move up the beech but now the bank is very steep and breaking up sand. I became stuck; I could not climb any higher without dropping Sammy. I dug my hand into a place and secured myself so I could hold for a while. I told the lady to get us some help because we could not make it up the steep bank without both of my hands, which were of course not free. She indicated that she would go for help. I was nervous but not terrified by any means. I was confident in this woman for some reason. So we settled in to wait. Sammy began to cry. I woke up.

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