Friday, August 15, 2008

orthodox sublimation

Alcohol has a negative effect on my chi. You may laugh, and it may seem like a duh moment. I know I know. However I missed my morning CEPCs due to alcohol fatigue (hangover). I was not happy about this and plan on being much stricter with my consumption of alcohol. If this is to be used as a sacrament, which mind altering substances should be, it should be respected as such.

Sublimation (orthodox)
0) Press on the mortal cavity with your middle finger while breathing in and out gently to generate a gentle breeze. Pressing the middle finger to the mortal cavity primes the stove. The gentle breeze stokes the flames of the stove. In the way you cook a meal, not so hot as to scorch the bottom of the dish. Do this until the stove simmers (vibrates). When the stove simmers cover the pot by closing the four gates (the eyes, the roof of mouth, the hands and the legs) and begin the ascent and descent of the yin and yang fires.

Ascent of yang fire (tu mo)
1) Inhale. This pushes the VB down from the tan t’ien and out of the mortal gate (tzu) to rise up the spine. Eyes are looking down.
a. Tzu is also representative of the North, water and the generative force
2) Pause as you inhale at Mao (about the middle of your back) for cleansing. Eyes are looking right.
b. Mao also represents the East, wood and the incorporeal soul
3) Stop at Wu (at the top of the head) Eyes are looking up.
c. Wu also represents the South, fire, spirit, and breath

Descent of yin fire (jen mo)
4) Exhale. Allow the VB to fall naturally from wu down the front of the body
5) Pause at yu (between the navel and the heart) for purification. Eyes are looking left.
d. Yu also represents the West and metal
6) The generative force will follow the appropriate channels of its own; there is no need to force anything. It will fall and be drawn into the stove without effort.

Attempted to contain vital fluids by pressing hard on the perineum or golden button or the mortal cavity or taint or whatever you wish to call it. I have done this before years ago and I remembered why I quit. It hurts, and I still only managed to retain about ½ of my fluid. I thought I felt it (the fluid) coming out so pressed harder, which sucked! Little point in having an orgasm anyway you can’t enjoy it. The thing is this, not to toot my own horn, (pun intended) I guess I am cuming with some pretty heavy force. I pressed hard and still only retained about ½ my usual load.

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