Friday, April 10, 2009


Quick Cast
Protection sigil.
A huge storm came up on us this evening.
Banished by GPR
Stated intent
"It is my will that no harm will fall on this house or this family."
Created mind sigil
Cast sigil in all four directions
Cast sigil above my head
Cast sigil below my feet drawing with my right foot.
Impromptu mantra during drawing of sigil into aether.
Held finishing posture while forcing my will outwards and mostly upwards into the cell.
My body tingled with energy and I was drawn to tears. I could hear the storm subside as I held my posture. Before casting the news was saying to take cover. After casting the news was saying we were in the clear.

Monday, April 6, 2009



I should be ashamed of myself considering my lack of upkeep on this blog. But I am not. Things are afoot and things are cook’in. And whom my dears is cooking for you?

To preface I should note that magick has been extremely prevalent of late. It will take some time to go back and update the situation, so I will not. April 2nd my grandmother has surgery. My Sister, Frater U and myself performed a simultaneous casting the night before (April 1st) for the success of the surgery. Our results were spot on. There are pics of this to post so I will add to this in a separate post-post at a later time. Before this there have been a series of Earth workings. Utilizing the Exploding Talisman Technique as well as general household earth magicks. This technique will need explanation as well, something I’ve been toying with for a minute. We have had a NOX since I last wrote; this is where I performed the Earth Exploding Talisman ritual. Prior to that my wife and I performed a Spring Equinox Rite with our Chickens first (and seemingly only of 3) egg of the season. This went exceedingly well and deserves much more than a preface, so I will post-post on that one as well, besides I have pics from that too. In fact I have pics from several of the larger workings I have performed over the last month of blog absence.

So what for tonight? Working with Frater JD we performed an Antifreeze ritual. We both have gardens started and do not wish to see them parish do to a “blueberry summer” (thanks Dave). So JD created the sigil and mantra and did some preliminary work with it. This evening we both worked in unison. I had copied the sigil and with my son (15 months) colored it and talismanized it.

I used this talisman with the mantra this evening while burning incense specially tuned to the element fire. I pulled warmth up form the equator. I burned from within until the energy exploded form me and out in all directions blowing the cold away. Then I saw JD sitting in front of me in his study. Our incense burning, I put my hands out palm out to meet his. Palms together we chanted and created a ball of heat between us that gre to massive proportions and warmed the soil, air and continued to pull warm air currents up to our region.