Tuesday, September 16, 2008

dragon sublimation


Sublimation meditation.

Staring at the burning tip of a stick of incense I held my eyes open. Closed all channels, save the eyes. After about 30 minutes I felt tears finally welling up in my eyes, primarily my right eye. Then it bursts and ran down my cheek. Tears continued to flow from this eye until they ran down my chest. The eye immediately stung like hell after the tears began. Never teared from my left eye. During this the ember from the incense took on several forms. The first was a dragons face, then a cow. After awhile my eyes crossed naturally and I allowed them to do this as the crossing of the eyes is another gate to close. This allowed me to see the large dragon. The two burning sticks were eyes and the rest of the dragons head formed from the eather. I was breathing in the breath of the dragon and it mine. Pretty intense moment, but it was a distraction so I let it pass. There were several moments of sexual excitation and genital stimulation but nothing to erection. The elixir when it was ready to swallow had a hint of sweetness. Not as strong as the old texts indicate but like a honey dew, rather than pure honey.

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