Wednesday, September 17, 2008




Sammy and I were driving a truck; a small truck like a toy truck only it was not a toy. I was driving and he was sitting in my lap. We came to a cliff and I had to stand up and hold him in one arm and the steering wheel in the other to keep it from going over. I layed Sammy on the ground to try to get the truck but then realized that there was a snake on the ground. This was the same snake that was at the temple door after NOX. I thought it would be okay until I saw Sammy going for it. Then the word priorities began to repeat in my head like a mantra. I let go of the truck letting it fall over the cliff and went to grab Sammy. On my way to grabbing him I saw the snake begin to spit a brown venom at him. It then bit him in the face before I could get to him. I removed the snake from his face throwing it aside and immediately tried to call 911 but my phone would not work. I was going into a panicked state and the mantra “priorities” continued to roar in my mind. Alicia comes up to me and gets her phone to work, but by this time Sammy’s face has swollen and had become deformed. I was horrified and Sammy was going into shock. I woke up to find myself alone in the bed. Apparently I chased them both out of the bedroom with my snoring.

I have my opinions about this dream but if any one else would like to take a shot at it please feel free to post.

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Dunn said...

I had a dream last night with some very similar elements. Check it out.