Thursday, September 11, 2008

ritual research


We moved the mattress to the floor today to keep my son from falling off of it. We then decided that he should learn the “edge” lesson so we let him crawl to the edge with the full intent of letting him crawl off. With my wife and I on edge ourselves we watched as he crawled face first nearly over the edge of the bed, then we watched in amazement as he turned himself around and got down feet first! Smart little monkey!

This evening my task is to do some research and meditate on this Kuei ritual. My head is fucking killing me. I have either not drank enough water or stress is just taking its toll upon me. My son has been difficult the past few days with the cutting of his first tooth. He takes after me in that he becomes needy when he feels shitty. This has slowed my work a bit and is the reason for the lack of activity on the tenth.

It is time to begin my fasting food wise and sex wise for this ritual work on Saturday.

I believe I may have chosen one of the most difficult paradigms to research, at least where religious/magickal Taoism is concerned. I am astounded at how difficult it is to find any detail concerning Taoist ritual practice. Perhaps it is owed to the extreme secrecy and seclusion that Taoist masters have traditionally maintained over the centuries. I have dug up a good thing or two. I am going to have to perhaps cast for some inspiration for this ritual. I do know a Frater or two that would be pleased with the discovery of the use of chicken sacrifice and blood in Taoist ghost rituals. This will jive well with other currently practiced paradigms. It may also bode well for a heavy sacrifice night and a chicken barbeque! Library is about to close down on me so I better pack it in. Damn, nearly 3 hours of steady research and no solid ritual development. Not true, I have developed a few ideas, but it’s not solid yet. Now I am just rambling to make myself feel better. Blah blah blah. I did discover through my Galileo research and website research that I am going to have to invest some money in some books. Most of the information that I need is in books, not research articles.
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At home: performed meditation on the upcoming ritual. I saw most of it play out. Seems I am dealing with a multi-leveled ritual. Also when I came out of meditation I noticed something on my xaobala painting that is on my altar. This piece is as of yet unfinished but something came blazing forth into my consciousness. The importance of this remains to be seen. However the magickal synchronisity held within this moment has not been seen in some time. During my Kuei meditation I was interupted by a baphomet invocation in which an individual was performing. It glitters with potential power. 436??? AHA!!!

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