Tuesday, September 2, 2008

dregs of a cough


CEPC during my morning walk
Sublimation meditation at lit altar

I am finally feeling better. Only the dregs of a cough are left. I seem to be getting up the last of this phlegm.

My grandmother told me of a dream she had last night. Apparently; a woman was being visited by her daughter. Her daughter wanted to get all of her money. The daughter was very insistent and the mother very resistant. The daughter told the mother that she was crazy (I suppose because the mother could not handle her own money). The mother eventually hit the daughter in the head and the daughter returned the hit. The hitting continued. Somehow my grandmother was told the meaning of this story, which was that god put us here on this earth to get along and love one another, not to fight. Exactly how this all plays out to that moral I have not a clue. Regardless the dream itself is pretty indicative of reality, or at least her perception of it. This worries me.

I don’t know what is fixing to happen with all of this. We are making an appointment soon with a neurologist to get a diagnosis. We shall see from there.

Gustav was not as bad as I predicted. I wonder if these weather dreams are not divinatory as much as they are just reactions to the environment and hearing about hurricanes during the season. This would make perfect sense.

I should do a divinatory ritual to assess this situation with my grandmother and our highly probable move in December. This could be a good opportunity to develop the bone oracle ritual. This should occur tomorrow night.

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