Tuesday, September 9, 2008



I will be getting the proper yeast for the wine today. I have hesitated because all I had was bread yeast and I want this wine to taste as good as possible for a first run. I did sterilize everything pretty heavy, the grapes included, during the prep process so it should keep. There has been no fermentation so far, which is good I suppose. If there is no wild yeast in my must then there is probably no other nasty bacteria either. This is good. Interesting though. For two nights I have dreamed heavily of this wine. Of taking care of it and preparing it and getting the correct yeast etc, etc.

Next will be to make some beer, and then another vat of wine. This process is not just to make drink to drink, but is to make ritual drink specifically.

Turns out the yeast will have to be got tomorrow. I misremembered the days and times of the home brew store. Tomorrow will have to do. I think the must will hold. I hope the must will hold. I did sterilize it pretty good so, a future toast from my muscadine wine! “We are glad it held, here’s to holding and good sterilization!”

Shit fuck me! Okay if you look at the Xaobala from the ritual invocation of the immortal self you will notice that there are wavy lines from the sun to the outer spheres. This would be because I misremembered the fucking text. I just ran across it during some other research to find that it is straight lines that spirits travel on, NOT CURVY! Hence the reason there are so many curvy roads in china. Fucker! Okay, so some interesting information was pulled from this ritual nonetheless. Why? If the primus for the lines fomr the sun to the self int eh outer spheres was wrong then what was happeneing?

The curvy lines may have prevented contamination. In this way energy from the sun may have been filtered so as to not contaminate the self at the spheres. This may have allowed for a build up from the self from a purely self-source. Regardless it is imperative that this ritual be performed again with the initially intended form.

I hereby declare the 13th of the month to be ghost day. In china it is the 15th. I do not know if china has the similar resonance around the number 15 as we do 13, but 13 seems appropriate. And, my good Fraters and Sorors, the 13 just happens to be the date our chaosmagick workshop falls on. This was unintended but an excellent turn of events.

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Interesting note on the placement of an altar in the temple: I used compass to determine the directions of the temple and placed an altar in the direction that I for some reason thought was north. It turned out to be south, completely opposite. However some research has brought to light an interesting synchronicity concerning this confusion. The Chinese in days of around 2800 BCE used a compass that was south pointing.
“When the people of China go out to collect jade, they carry a south pointer with them so
as not to lose their way.” Kuei Ku Tzu, dated about 300 B.C.E. This altar is in the south now and will be a guide for me/us not to lose our way.

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