Saturday, September 13, 2008

NOX (Night Of Xaos)


Keui Tai-Chi (ghost dance) ritual

This was done as part of group ritual. I also participated in the rituals of Frater Fiducia, Soror Siva(?!) and Frater Beenja. Soror Siva(?!) also performed an invocation of Baphomet.

These rituals went off splendidly. The evening began with the Baphomet invocation. The reverie experienced during the dancing around Baphomet was very intense and empowering. I know that the Baphomet was speaking and expressing powers, positions etc but my trance was a bit too heavy to remember the words exactly. I wish we had recorded this event.

The Voudon ritual was surprisingly authentic. Not surprising that Frater Beenja pulled it off but surprising in that a room full of white folks pulled such a strong voudon current. I was impressed and humbled by the appearance of Met Kalfou.

Soror Svia(?!)’s ritual purging was, gut wrenching. I only wish that I had eaten so that would have had more to contribute than some sake and stomach bile. But then shear force that it took to push that from my gut caused a pain that aided gnosis. The gnosis of that ritual was very good. I cannot remember much of it at all except the purging. The fire and the chanting and the energy flowing through the circle were strong.

The burial of Frater Fiducia did not do so much for me as I am sure it did for him. I should note however that the performance of the burial was very real, his deadweight combined with dumping him in a shallow grave felt real. There was a bit of gnosis caused by these moments of dissonance.

My ritual went well. Strange even now in my memory I see myself moving toward the circle from a different direction than I did. I was moving toward the South I invision myself moving east. The incense burned me much more than I expected. The chanting with as many incense as I had in my hands caused my to feel as if I could not breath. The dance itself was surreal. As I pull this memory from my head the top of my head begins to hurt. Eerily erotic. The center seemed to be visually opened. The combination of incense and the single candle in the center created the image of an open portal, a cone of light, from the center of the temple space. Ghosts coming and going at will. And then the calling of our ghost, xxxxx xxxxx.

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