Thursday, January 29, 2009

demon work

I have been through some kind of a down phase, nothing bad, just not feeling the motivation. I have been focused very strongly however on the feminine aspect of my practice. My son is making cognitive leaps like a little psychonaught. He has even started spinning till he falls down from dizziness. He will then stare at the carpet designs until it wears off and do it again. The house is looking pretty tight. And I am feeling good about how things are going in that direction.

In ritual tonight I used Salvia Divinorum 60x to achieve gnosis. Considering that I was attempting to root out the demon of my addiction, namely nicotine, I feel I was successful. An obnoxious repetition marked my gnosis. There was a very physical component as well, and not surprisingly. It was as if I were rolling into my self, over and over again. The auditory experience was just as bad, with a whiny, pesky voice also repeating itself in time to my physical pulsing. I acquired the sigil and the name and had conversation with this pest of an entity. I should note that there was also a bit of anxiety involved. Again not surprising considering the nature of nicotine.
I will also note that using dissociative for specific intents is exceedingly difficult. Honestly in all my years of practice I think this is the first time I have attempted a very specific intent during a chemi-gnosis. Fighting through the urge to just go with the flow was difficult, but once achieved rendered a tunnel vision focus indescribable.

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