Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Book Lost

Disaster! I have lost my copy of Taoist Yoga. This has put a serious cramp in my studies and in the writing of my book. I was just getting ready to sit down and start seriously writing up the yoga section and my primary reference has up and disappeared. It has been several days now.

I have borrowed the servitor of a Soror. I performed the ritual this evening.

0. GPR
1. Lit single candle
2. SOI: “It is my will to offer these keys to [name of servitor] in trade for the return of my book Taoist Yoga.
3. Created sigil within a circle, placed keys in circle on top of sigil
4. Asked servitor out loud to take keys in trade for the return of my book
5. Chanted [name of servitor] for awhile then added “gimme back my stuff” ended up specifying, “gimme back my book”.
6. Chanted until gnosis was achieved.
7. Wrapped keys up in paper and hid it behind some stuff on a shelf.
8. GPR

During my chanting gnosis began to take on a pulsing rhythm. Interestingly the candle seemed to pick up its pulsing as my mantra and gnosis pulse increased in speed. This could have been due to my breathing toward the candle, though I thought it was rather light. It could also have been a trick of the eye induced by the gnosis. Regardless it aided me in my trance state. Each time the gnosis pulsed I shot the image of my lost book into the sigil. After awhile I let this fade into the imagery method described to me by the servitors creator

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Anonymous said...

Did you get that weird feeling like water was rushing over you in waves?
I tend to get that feeling when working with that servitor.