Friday, October 3, 2008

when a text reads


When a text reads, “If you have not met an experienced teacher but rely on your own intellect to understand the Taoist scriptures… you will fail in your practice… and all your efforts will be sterile.” (Lu K’uan Yü, p. 51) you can be sure that this is an effort to keep a clergy class in business. You will see this not only in many Taoist texts but also in many other magickal texts as well. This is an inaccurate truth. While it may be true for many it is not true for the gifted magickian, in fact it is the gifted magickians that often develop phrases like this to keep themselves in business. Someone somewhere created the method by relying on his or her own intellect and understanding. This is the prima materia, this is the golden method! So when you publish the methods developed from your personal genius, make sure that you remind students that they need to consult you before they will understand the “truth” of your teaching. Do not forget to charge a nominal fee for these services!

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