Monday, October 27, 2008

NOX (Night Of Xaos)

NOX notes

The evening began with a meet and great dinner during which I met Frater U for the first time. This was a very pleasant experience and it seems that we will all get along splendidly.

As for the ritual workings I must admit that I don’t have very clear memories of the night. I could explain this away by saying that I was drunk, though I had not drank as much as I have been known to. It seems that my memory and knowledge of the evening seemed to give after the MoCB.

I performed this invocation after drawing the devil card in a lottery. Frater U performed the litany and J, F and S aided. I smoked a spliff of incense dedicated to the purpose, dropped my pants and squatted over the fire trying to start it. I must have been trying to use my kundalini fire as I couldn’t seem to get it lit. The invocation began to take during this process. I have fleeting memories of sticks scratching my balls, being pissed because I could not get to the wine and subsequently trying to break it open, being popped on the ass (thanks U ;-) and being held to the floor face down.

After having read Frater U’s account of this ritual I realize that I was deeper in than I thought. I do not remember trying to leave the temple space. Also it seems that my being pushed to the ground was not that but was Frater U performing the exorcism.

After the ritual I was completely unable to partake of the wine that was consecrated. It burned like fire going down and instantly made me nauseous.

The ritual to create the group Egregore was a bit of a blur for me. It seemed that we were enveloped in wilderness. This wilderness was dark and confusing. Frater U’s dismissal of Terminus seemed to go well. There was some council fire deliberation before the invocation of the Grandmother Owl that was good and set the mood for the remainder of the ritual. I will not go into detail; as to be honest I cant. However the emotion that was left was one of love, deep intimate love and fraternity. I do remember bringing the Owl around the circle and giving her to everyone to hold and love. This must have been when the energies we gathered were fused into the fetish to create the egregore.

Frater U performed the invocation and seemed to sway and soften. His voice became soft and strained. The egregore seemed a bit shy, perfectly natural for an Owl. The name was divined as well as sacrificial offerings.

I performed Owl Tai Chi to the lighting of the Kuei candle to open the portal allowing the ancestral spirits of our area and each individual’s desired Kuei’s passage.

There is much more to be done with this egregore and her brood.

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