Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ritual to make sacrifice to your personal keui


This will be done during my Boy’s first nap of the day. Usually between 10 and 11 am.
Sublimation meditation will follow during the second nap of the day, usually around 3 or 4ish. Though he does not always take this nap.
Okay, back to some since of normalcy. The problems with the house I moved into seem to be getting worked out relatively swiftly and painlessly. I have made sacrifice to my Kuei to insure this. Another sacrifice will be in order. I have found that it is not necessary to visit the temple for this. I simply designate the sacrifice by scrawling the sigil on it. I can make these deposits at a later date. With the sacrifice designated with the sigil my Kuei recognizes this. So, sacrifices will be collected until such time that a proper send off can be achieved. I had originally intended that the sacrifice could be made at any moment from any place but it feel now that I should wait until a proper ritual action can be taken. I will write another ritual specific to the making of sacrifices. This should involve the ghost dance (Kuei Tai-Chi). The main Kuei’s altar lit and charged. Actually this ritual is should not be that complicated in form. Achieving gnosis during would be the most difficult aspect, but even this should not be hard to achieve if one’s daily practices are up to snuff. So…

Ritual to Make Sacrifice to Your Personal Keui

0. Banish
1. Light the Kuei’s altar with a single lamp dedicated to your Kuei.
2. If you do not already have your ghost money prepared charge the ghost money by drawing your Kuei’s sigil on both sides.
3. Have three appropriate vessels, one for drink, one for food and one for burning the ghost money.
4. Facing the altar perform CEPC in horse posture.
5. Approach altar and make offerings of food and drink.
6. Sit and meditate for a time vibrating the name of your Kuei as a mantra.
7. Approach altar, fold ghost money in half and hold it between your teeth.
8. Begin the ghost dance (Kuei Tai-Chi)
9. When gnosis has been entered and returned from, approach your altar and burn ghost money.
10. Banish

I should have known that saying the word “schedule” would demolish any schedule that had existed. I feel the urge to create, to do the art of this magick but I have no space, nor have any of my supplies even been unpacked. The property manager did show up this morning and will have someone here on Monday to fix the floor. This will give me more space, the study will be functioning and I will have a space to work on some things. This unsettled current state is cramping my work.

But on the upshot the rest of my life, marriage, family life, general life happiness, has increased exponentially. Even my relationship with my grandmother, the initial reason for the move, has improved. I feel like we have the relationship we had before my family moved into her house. She does not seem to resent me anymore. This has been a good move. The bone oracle and I-Ching reading were right on. Following the advice given during that ritual divination was indeed the right course. I love it when this shit works!

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