Sunday, October 19, 2008

specific daily practice


Specific daily practice (i.e. within cast circle) has been sparse. I did go to the temple once last week and performed a divinition for someone and made sacrifice to my Keui. General daily practice has been constant. This paradigm has a way of infusing itself into all of ones daily actions. Cooking and cleaning for instance take on a specific spiritual context. There is the kitchen god, Tsao Chun who presides in the kitchen, of course, watching the activities of the family and reporting back to the Jade Emperor.

This relationship gives one a constant awareness of action; particularly the action one is taking where family life is concerned. I am feeling that part of reason, synchronistically speaking, that I have been called to be a stay at home father is do to this paradigm. “Keep to the feminine” the Tao Te Ching often instructs. I am at this point not only “practicing” this paradigm, but living it. It has become who I am. My diet has changed, my family role has changed, the way I think of the world and the cosmos has changed. I can fairly safely say that at this point I am a Taoist. I have found the actual spiritual practice, unless one adopts orthodox Taoism, is pretty freestyle in its basic components. This is easy for a chaos magickian. The main ingredients haven’t changed, just the spices. There are some points within Taoist yoga and the way one considers sexual energies that have been difficult for me as a westerner, but overall nothing detrimental to my basic lifestyle. My magickal life is full to the brim with little to no effort. This is the Wu Wei. Playing with plastic rings on the floor and exploring the basic physics of life with my son as he discovers how things within space and time works, has given me gnosis that I cannot express. Spending time with a perfect, unadulterated soul has given me inspiration. Having breed and care giving has given my life a purpose that trumps all previous life goals. Anything that I do, create, produce, write, become, from this point forward in my life is nothing more than an added bonus to an already fulfilled life. This does not make me less inclined to do. It has made what I do what I am. I no longer strive for this act of creation that should fulfill me. I am Wu Wei. I am Tzu Jan. I am doing without striving, acting without action.

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