Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Dragon Copulates with the Tiger

GPR & Sublimation
Very intense sublimation mediation tonight. When my shit opened up it all opened up. I have learned to recognize it coming. When my mouth begins to fill with fluid its coming. Then my left eye fills and overflows. My sinuses opened up like last time, only much heavier this time. My nose began to full on run. My right eye opened this time and my right sinus so that my eyes and my nose were running profusely.

Vision: A hooded, half masked bust came at me from the incense cherry. It took on the form of a demon. It seemed menacing, and it seemed to question my right to be there. Where? I don’t know whatever mental state I was in at that moment in space and time. I was a bit tranced out. I must have slipped into a particular mind-field. So at any rate this annoyed me. In my mind I thought at it, “I am that I am, I am your Master.” With this it promptly dissipated back to wherever it came from. And I back into a relative no-mindedness.

When my mouth was full I swallowed the fluid into my Tan Tien. I closed my eyes and crossed them hard. This had a dizzying effect that seemed to hurl me backwards into myself. There was quite a lot of mental neuro-technics and then a very smooth calmness. There were a few moments of in and out no-mind Gnostic trance. The overall feeling was that of calmness. AHA! Fire into Water, the dragon copulating with the tiger! I will need to do some more research into this reaction.

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