Wednesday, October 29, 2008

dullness skipping out


I ate to dullness this evening. Not sure how this happened. Rice and Beans sit heavy if one is not careful. At any rate I am too dulled to meditate. I would have thought that this would settle but it is not. Shit, I know exactly how this happened. I have been bottling wine this evening. Of course, as I bottle I must take a sip, or sips rather to insure quality. Well, I discovered that while the quality is pretty low the alcohol content is pretty high. This was the goal. I ate with quite a buzz on and a belly full of young, young, yeasty wine. But on the plus side there are ten plus bottles of wine in my back room for Halloween! Okay, perhaps this would be a good time to work on my mundane journal. I should call it my career journal and I should cast upon its head! Right after I fill this next bottle. When I get the sight up and running I will post a link. I don’t mind it going from here to there, just not from there to here, for obvious reasons that will be even more obvious when the nature of the ‘other’ blog is seen.

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