Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Sublimation. Closed channels.

This sublimation was a bit different. I felt that it was past due and it was. I was at the foot of a great white mountain. I crossed my eyes to look inward. This had a much more pronounced effect than I expected. I became a bit dizzy and disoriented. I was not sure if this was good for the sublimation process so I quit. As gnosis mounted I began to feel more at ease with the process. I was being coached to relax and not try so hard. The idea was to not try to force sublimation but to allow sublimation. There is no doing this. There is only created the mental and physical environment in which sublimation can take place, and then it will. I crossed my eyes again and concentrated myself inward. This time the dizzying buzz seemed to balance rather than disorient. I was humming now with an energy that was vibrating through the microcosmic orbit. And the left eye ducts opened. My mouth filled with fluid. My sinuses pulsed and seemed to swell. This was a new sensation. I feel a bit head coldy now. Strange. Perhaps the illness that I was pushing out of me was residual from the cold we have all had. Perhaps I need to do this a few nights in a row just to be sure I get it all.
Further note: I began to feel an ache in my testicles shortly after this meditation. I messaged the ducts and it seems to have helped a bit.

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