Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tatau Ritual Tattoo


Received my first Tatau tattoo. This method of tattooing is quite meditative. It has to be. I made the sticks for my sister, Eve, who is a tattoo artist and owns the Primitive Body Art tattoo studio here in Columbus. I made the Tatau sticks for her and will be continue to make the needle mounts. I will make a pair for myself as well and we will be doing much, much more of this style work as the years move forward. I am excited to get more.

The way the ritual method seems to work is that as the tattoo progresses the pain and posture force one into a meditative mind frame. It is either this or just sit in cramped agonizing pain. I focused on Wen Chang Di Jun and my last talisman. My meditation altar was beside me and lit with flame and incense. The process took about two hours for this small piece. This was a practice piece of course thus the short time and simple design. I will be developing a much more intense ritual and design in the future.

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Fred Mephisto said...

Very impressive sir.

The Tidy Cats in the background is a nice touch as well :)