Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Talismanic working

Altar lit
Meditation with SOI as mantra
Talisman created. Not charged. This will give me something to do tomorrow night.

The creation of the talisman was however somewhat of a charging in its own right. There is a good bit of gnosis that goes into the Creation of one of these things. Without gnosis the whole thing is a bust from the get go. The point is that this is a system of lines drawn out from the unconscious mind, brought to the surface by agitating the depths of the mind with trance. When this moment bubbles over itself and into the lines and the gliding of the brush on the paper you have a map. This talisman is a neuroglyphic map. We do not create these they are discovered and then can be used to achieve the Will simply by following them, the same way one would follow a map. This will come.

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