Monday, November 17, 2008

Talismanic working III etc


GPR to open
GPR to close

Note: I have added the CEPC to the GPR. This gets the energy moving as it should.

Ritual happened in three parts this evening. Mostly do to an overwhelming dissatisfaction and agitation that I went into ritual with. I began by redrawing the talisman. I did not use the other two to draw from so this makes my first attempt at free recall. This was performed with accuracy. The things that were different are the things that I imagine will always be a bit different as some of the talisman, or I should say on the outsides of the talisman are drawn automatically. Though I was very dissatisfied with it at the time looking back on it I did not do too badly with it, in fact I think that it worked in its own right. The dissatisfaction led me to the next phase of ritual. Phase two of the ritual was a communication. I performed a light invocation of Wen Chang Di Jun, unfocused my eyes and began drawing. I believe that I will have to sit and meditate on this communication, as I have no clue what any of it means at the moment. There is one aspect that I recognized during ritual and that was the demon trapping bowl. This part of the communication led me to phase three of the ritual. I was left after this was finished thoroughly disgusted with myself. A horrible feeling. Phase three was the full on dome capturing. I took off my glasses, leaving me relatively blind and began putting ink on the paper. I used a lot more ink than I might ordinarily in this. There were several demons captured here; self doubt, depression, xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx, and laziness. These were collapsed in on themselves and placed behind the yang lines. These yang lines are carried with me and around me. Not so much a caging of the demons as much as a cage around the self through which particular demons cannot enter.

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