Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Talismanic working II

Work with Imperial Sovereign Wen Chang
(文 昌 帝 君, Wen Chang Di Jun)
Talisman recreation
Mantra “Wen Chang Di Jun”

The development of this style is building on itself. Much like the leaning of a language or a written language rather, the process takes experimenting with the utensils and the strokes and repetition. Repetition is key to memorization and this is what this technique calls for. The talisman must be drawn, or recreated every time it is used. Further before it is fully effective, it must be memorized. In this the practitioner can draw the talisman, can follow the neuroglyphic map without being interrupted by creation, or looking over to copy. Mantra can be added to the fold, and should at a later date. I did use the mantra of the name of the deity that I am using, but this will not be the final product. The deity is charged with overseeing the productivity of and the success of the talisman as it manifests in the ethereal and attaches itself to macrocosms. The deity also oversees the interpretation of the talisman. The deity carries the talisman into the spirit world and sees to its activation, follows the map to its end. My wife had an interesting comment about the talisman this evening. When I was finished and she came into eh study she saw it on my altar and noted that it looked like a treasure map. So right she is!
So the basic rundown of the method is, create talisman, recreate talisman adding to it until it is complete and memorized. Once the talisman is memorized I will be figuring out a grand finale ritual to blow it up.

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