Saturday, April 23, 2011

Commentary on Sexual Chi

While sitting on the back porch and surveying my yard…

Sexual energy, when dissected from interpersonal and/or social mores IS synonymous with healing energy.  At the very least can be used to the same effect.

It must be allowed to run free. It must have no restriction. When this is done; when sexual desire and direction is allowed to run its course, you, those around you and those you direct your energy toward will heal. 

Often this involves allowing oneself to fully experience the intensity of fear, anxiety, jealousy and possessiveness. Doing this, the flow of chi permeates existence. As creation itself is an act of sexual motion. Creation itself is a manifestation of the union and consummation of all of existence.

It is the energy, not necessarily the ACT.  We must not let the purity of this energy be confused with lust. Lust can be utilized to achieve the opposite result. But that is another topic.

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