Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Poplar Two Wand Eight Mile Ritual Walk

  1. Find an 7-8 mile circular trail
  2. Obtain two wands
    • Either before or during the first mile of the walk
    • Select wands of relatively equal size and strength
  3. Cary one wand in the left and and one in the right
  4. Walk
  5. When you come full circle break the wands while pointing the broken ends toward the chest
  6. Dispose of the wand waste

Results from this ritual walk were strange and powerful. The macrocosm asks something of me, something pertaining to my own health as this relates to my personal strength and power.  The resounding answer was “YES”.

At one point while playing with the clouds and wind the universe looked down on me and said “you really have no idea what your doing.” This struck me as simultaneously true and ridiculous. I felt a tingling surge of energy that manifested in a deep hearty laughter. I laughed aloud in the face of the universe.

The past snuck up on me and I found myself quite sad. I was instructed by time.

“Looking into the past with such longing and desire is the same as looking at your own organs in your hands. Just as your organs are part of you, so is the past. But we cannot bring the past back nor can we look upon the organs of our own body without disastrous result.  One should be glad that the past is of us and has shaped who we are NOW, just as we should be glad that our organs are IN us and keeping us alive.”

And when I broke the sticks and at the point at which I injected the Chi (heart) there was a physiological surge, a quickening of heart rate and a tingling warmth that radiating our from my center.

4-25-11- PM 4

4-25-11 PM