Monday, May 25, 2009

Monasticism Day VII

It is My Will that confidence be instilled in my customer base
GPR banished by bedside
Clean sheets and clean skin milky stars
Passive to the point
Intensive pleasure cast headlong into the Tzu Jan Star
good night, good night, good night.
Dreams resist me. Running late for Ms graduation
Atlanta traffic kills us and wicked Inn keepers don't keep words
No room for half our party, three beds for 6
I am running late. Out the window.
Running fast, fast up and down stairs
Leaping high onto a grocer cart piled 3 stories high
I can get in to the window from here
White dress black tux a newly wedded couple sitting atop the junk with me
The cart swings and sways unstable, I cant get back in the window.
Waking up is fowl.

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