Friday, June 5, 2009

Ouranian Barbaric Word

Opened temple

Burned Alchemy Aromatics Kyphi Incense

It is my Will to discover the Ouranian Barbaric word for PEACE.

Sigil cast for two nights prior. Sigil cast again outside temple prior to working.

Sigil drawn now.

Meditation, deep humming vibration, solve et coagula

Disruptive thought, bell rings, Om

Sad thought, bell rings, Om

Angry thought, bell rings, Om

Peace resounds in the sharp high tone of mind and the deep low rumble of guts

The Die is cast.

I am called outside to me duties. This is ritual now.

Calculation made


Personal relevance:

Heng-Long Lasting-Duration

Thunder above Wind Below

A heart is drawn beside the boat that carries the old married couple home

Stop and Be

The creek has a path. If you are in the creek it causes only misfortune to move against it.

Be defined by the situation.
"The way of long lasting is to let the situation determine one's changes and transformations."
-Master Huang

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